Polarized WiFi Video Dermatoscope


  • High-resolution
  • Live Video Images
  • Attachment to P.P & Laptop on USB port.
  • No power Supply.
  • No batteries

Good for the diagnosis & patient education. Handy & movable with Laptop

Technical Details

  • Illumination – LED lights source.
  • Sensor-1/4 inch.
  • Lens type- adjustable. board
  • Size-110mm x 33 mm.
  • While balance -Auto.
  • Lens- Dual Axis 27X&100X Microscope lens.
  • 0/S system- Windows XP / Vista
  • Power supply- 5v DC from USB part.

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The 1000X Magnification Skin Camera is a fully functional magnification device which can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer enabling you to magnify objects up to 1000x. Enhanced with adjustable light control wheel with 6 white LED lights and a 2.0MP digital camera, the USB Microscope can capture high-quality images and videos (AVI).

MEDICAM’s USB VIDEO DERMATOSCOPE is a full-fledged Camera system to view Skin, Scalp, Hair etc. at a very high level of magnification & resolution. The images through this Dermatoscope are of extremely high resolution. It has a varifocal optical zoom lens which gives a range of magnification level from 10 x to 1000x. It has a built-in light source for illumination. The scope is extremely lightweight and very easy to operate.T his machine can be attached to P.C. or Laptop etc. HMIS [Hemant Medical Imaging Software] imaging software is provided with the USB Video dermatoscope to store patient’s data and images.


  • Less maintenance
  • Better image quality
  • Optimum resolution
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